A Piece in the Making

Hello! I am a freelance Illustrator and artist from Cleveland, Ohio. As a Cleveland School of the Arts Alumni, I am pursuing a Bachelors of Arts at Baldwin Wallace University.

Little pieces of me are put into everything I produce. Through splashes of color or crosshatching, my stamp of creativity is somewhere within any of my pieces. Illustration in a lot of ways, free me from the trials and strife of everyday life; It’s pure escapism. Being able to create worlds and enact a specific vision with nothing but a pencil and paper... it’s motivating... it’s inspiring... it drives me to create more. 

I am now a published Illustrator! Q goes to Curly Land is the tale of a young girl and her sister learning to love and care for their natural hair. You can find Q Goes to Curly Land on all book carriers, including Amazon.



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